Hello Riders! The most thrilling ride has begun on the app, but there a few speed-breakers that we are trying to get rid off. Some of your fellow riders might be on iOS and would not have got the latest update. Just let them know that we will soon give them an update and they will have enough opportunities to catch up.Also a few tips to make your ride smoother:1) If you are uploading a Video, it would be best to change the resolution of your camera before shooting, so that the video is light and you are able to upload it on your 2G or 3G connection.

Pakistan v Bangladesh

India v New Zealand

Mumbai's Alpha Bikers

We move on to the Maximum city, Mumbai.  Here, we faced a peculiar problem. Everybody loves bikes! Everybody loves cricket! Everyone is a superstar! Everyone ticked all our boxes. We had a tough time narrowing down or deserving Thrill Ambassadors. We did, and we hope you find them thrilling enough  First up, Yash Gada. He is the exact anti-thesis of the often-imagined wild-eyed biker. He is gentle, polite and rides as if he writes poetry. He never misses a signal, always performs proper overtakes and will stick with you no matter how bad the road.

Kolkata Thrillers

After Nagpur, our team went on the look out for the most exciting Thrill Ambassadors from Kolkata. It was a very difficult task since it was at such short notice. But as they say, luck smiles on the persistent. We found our men, and boy were we impressed.First up is Shubhra Tusar Naik. When he got the news, he was not in Kolkata and was slightly dejected as he thought that he would miss this once-in-a lifetime opportunity. But where there is a bike, there is a way. He actually rode all night, back to Kolkata, and arrived at the shoot location.

Nagpur's Finest 5

Today, Nagpur will host its first  ICC World T20 2016 match, to be held between India and New Zealand. As the teams get ready to rock the match, let's take a look at the Thrill Ambassadors to be featured today.Today's lucky five are Abhijeet Pachkede, Akash Salvi, Amit Nikam, Ashwin Shrivastava, Chetan Kahile and Dinesh Gharad. A human dynamo is what describes Abhijeet best. When he gets some time off running his business, Abhijeet makes sure he spends as much time on two wheels as he can.

Amazing Nagpur

As part of the MRF Ride The Thrill campaign, we had planned to feature some of the best and most deserving bikers across the country. They would be featured in photo shoots, video shoots and be promoted across all our platforms.

Dejavu 2003 WC Final

Mission Impossible


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