South Africa v Afghanistan

England v South Africa

New Zealand v Australia

Bangalore's Colourful Bunch

Wow! What a series the ICC World Cup Twenty20 2016 is turning out to be! No toal seems impossible, every pitch is a minefield, and no strategy is surviving first contact. This is exactly what happened at Bangalore. We knew we were in for surprises. Take a look at the Thrill Ambassadors from one of India's most happening cities, Bangalore Puneet Choudhry's disarming smile belies his madness for the open road. Pick any scenic spot, and he has been there. He is a talented biker, along with being a photographer of some repute.

A Rare Breed

Mumbai, the home of cricket, is a very different city by night. Just like our Thrill Ambassadors of the day, who, lead normal every day lives, but take on a completely different personality when on a rideRahil Qureshi is a born leader. He always has to be in the lead, compulsively. Big, booming and with an infectious personality, Rahil is best when the road is the worst.Those riding with this MNC employee will describe him as a good teacher, a wonderful leader and a great rider overall. Vikas Gor has 5 bikes, and he  maintains each and every one of them in pristine condition.

Mumbai's Knights

As we come back to Mumbai, England and South Africa suit up to fight the battle for Twenty20 glory. The stage is Wankhede, under the lights, that too. This is a big one.Today we have an all-new set of Thrill Ambassadors, one of them being a lady. Ladies first, then. Shilpa Balakrishnan is not your average female biker. She as lakhs of kilometers worth of riding experience, and even has her own page. Riding with her is like having a smooth conversation with an old friend. Intuitive, stable and fast, this is one fast woman!  Nupur Ghadigaonkar is a gentle giant of a rider.

Dharamsala - The Land of Dreams

Beautiful and picturesque, the city of Dharamsala beckoned us with opened arms. After a tiring shoot in Kolkata, the team landed in Dharamsala in the middle of the night, no idea how they would go about finding their Thrill Ambassadors. Out of nowhere, we were approached by a local biker club from Palampur, in the morrning. They reached out to us on our social pages.We weren't convinced btu we still decided to work with them. And what an experience it was! We found our Thrill Ambassadors. Let's take a look at a few of them.Vijay works at a data management company.

Sri Lanka V Afghanistan

Back to Kolkata

After an explosive encounter between Pakistan and Bangladesh , Kolkata is witness to yet another battle. As Sri Lanka and Afghanistan take guard tonight, it will be the roar of the Thrill Ambassadors' bikes that will add to the cacophony at Eden Gardens.Today's big three are Gourav Biswas, Sayanta Modak and Tridib Choudhary.Gourav Biswas, stern and business-like, is a lover of the outdoors. He likes photography and can speak about any topic under the sun. A man from the steel indutsry, Gourav is a safe, responsible biker. Next, we come to Sayanta Modak.

England v West Indies


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