Selecting the Best

Bangalore gets to host its third match today, an India-Bangladesh clash, nonetheless! Off the field, we had a gala time working with our Thrill Ambassadors. What an interesting, colourful bunch. We had software engineers, businessmen, students, stunt bikers, guitarsists and marketing executives all answering the call to #RideTheThrill.  What were we looking for when we were selecting our Thrill Ambassadors? How did we do it? It was not an easy task. We had to look for the best of the best.

Sahil's Experience

This here is another crazy story sent to us by Sahil Sareen, a Thrill Ambassador from Mohali. To get featured, send us your #Thrilling stories and we will make sure you get the recognition you deserve. After work, one night Sahil was watching a movie. It was a popular Bollywood flick, about how life offers only one chance. He had a bad day at work, and at 3 a.m. called up a friend. His friend just asked, "Dude, what time is it?" Sahil replied, " 4 am. I feel like a ride, man."  That's it. The two met, and set off towards Rishikesh, at 4:30 am. Along the way, it suddenly started to rain.

India v Bangladesh

England v Afghanistan

Delhi's Ambassadors

Today, Delhi holds it's first match between England and Afghanistan. As the temperatures rise, so will the run rates. Our Thrill Ambassadors are present and ready to rock.  Today' s three are Nobin Sanjeev, Aditya Rawlani and Mohammed Zaid Ahmed.Shooting in Delhi was a challenge. We faced a lot of challenges due to the weather,as a result of which we had to improvise.

Mohali's Stars

Today, as Mohali see its first match of the ICC World Cup Twenty20 2016, let's take a look at the Thrill Ambassadors for the evening Balvir aka Billo Nahal is the proverbial Iron Lady among the Thrill Ambassadors. Brash, hard and focussed, she loves to feel the need for speed. Off the bike, this student of the Punjab Technical University is the exact opposite.

New Zealand v Pakistan

Bangladesh v Australia

Suneel's Escapade

Suneel Prasad, one of our Thrill Ambassadors for today's match, approached us with an interesting story.  We could not resist sharing it with you bike fanatics. On a lazy January morning in 2014, Suneel was itching to ride. He had already planned a ride that month, but he hadn't yet decided on where to ride to. Most riders don't by the way. A bit of a show-off, Suneel, who works in the software industry, decided to surprise his sister and niece by riding with his new bike. One small problem. They were in Bhubhaneshwar, about 1428km from Bangalore.

Sri Lanka v West Indies


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