Edit points transaction

Primary tabs

The name of the user who should gain or lose points.
The number of points to add or subtract. For example, enter 25 to add points or -25 to deduct points.
The points category that should apply to this transaction.

Vertical Tabs

The date and time that the points should expire. Use this format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM +ZZZZ. Leave this field blank if the points should never expire.
The operation type for this transaction (default is admin). Any value is valid but using a defined operation will cause an auto-generated description (specific to the chosen operation) to be included. This description can be translated into multiple languages.
Enter an optional description for this transaction, such as the reason points were added or subtracted.
Choose the entity type and ID to be referenced. A link to the entity will be shown.
Enter an optional reference code for this transaction. This is for internal tracking and is not shown to the end user.