How the Grand Prize Winner will be chosen

It's been a long and gruelling ride and now it is the fight to the finish! As we step into the last day, here are the Mighty 9 on the Leaderboard, with only 50000 Points separating them. But with 9 CREATE challenges and 135000 Points at stake in the last 2 days, the Tables can turn .  Here are some rules for you to keep in mind:

  1. Day 27 challenges will be activated by 1:30 pm on April 3rd.
  2. Day 26 and Day 27 have 9 CREATE Challenges. Each Challenge, if featured, can fetch you 15000 Points as part of the Triple Thrill days. 
  3. All participants can complete their remaining challenges by Monday 4th April ( 8 pm). The leaderboard will be suspended post that and any challenges done after that point will not be considered. Please remember that if you cannot upload a Photo or a Video on the app for some reason, you can send in the entries via mail at and these will be considered.
  4. Your position on the leaderboard as of Monday 4th April ( 8 pm) does not guarantee you a prize because all entries will be thoroughly evaluated and will be featured within 24 hours.
  5. Team MRF will judge all entries on the basis of :
    • Creativity 
    • Originality
    • Legitimacy - i.e. Each entry will be checked and we will see whether the entries have been actually done by the participant. 
  6. The team will take 40 hours for the final evaluation and the WINNER of the Grand Prize will be announced at 12 PM on Wednesday 6th April.

All of this will be done, to find out whether the winner of the Grand Prize is truly deserving and to ensure that he/she has not used any unsportsmanlike means to come up tops! All the best to all the riders and here's to a thrilling finish. ‪#‎RideTheThrill‬ Cheers.

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